Our Story


We've got you Mama

The Mama Set was born from the desire to support you throughout your Motherhood journey. It’s a beautiful time and simultaneously a demanding time of your life, preparing you for the most important job you will ever do. We are right there with you; day in day out, like a Mamas touch, offering you support at a time when you’ll need it most.


We’re in this together 

Made by Mamas for Mamas, Australian born Cynthia Völkers founded The Mama Set in 2019. Cynthia has held various positions working for renowned international fashion brands prior to becoming a Mama. Nearly every person associated with the creation of The Mama Set is also a Mama. We have survived to tell the tale. We’ve been filled with joy and our hearts have burst when we’ve held our babies for the first time - just like yours will. We are so happy to be on this journey with you.



We’ve simplified things for you 

Cynthia designed what she wished she had when pregnant with her daughters. Thoughtfully crafted and considered, The Mama Set basics allow Mamas to save time and money by only buying the essential items. When you’re a busy Mama simplicity is key, therefore each piece is designed to work with your existing wardrobe. As your beautiful body changes, your unique style doesn’t have to.


We're on the same page

As Modern Mamas, creating sustainable and socially responsible clothing is at the top of our minds. Our product is manufactured right here in Europe by a second generation family business specialising in jersey. We strive to build long lasting relationships with producers that share our basic values about working conditions and caring for the environment. 

All materials used in the creation of The Mama Set are certified according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® to guarantee that the garments are free of hazardous chemicals, and SA8000-certified to guarantee workers’ rights and a safe workplace. We are actively researching to improve our processes and methods in order to protect the environment. 

Our philosophy of purchasing only minimal quantities of high quality essentials, crafted to last, is one of the most sustainable things we can do for our environment.

Our job is done when your pregnancy is more comfortable, more stylish and more enjoyable because you were able to dress and feel like you. Thank you for entrusting us to join you on this incredible journey.

With Love, Cynthia x